wtorek, 11 czerwca 2013

Summer Exclusive Stylisations


Do you want to feel like a superstar or a luxury woman?
Just wear tight clothes to express your body.
Leggings, tight pants and pencil skirts are very fashionable and elegance.
Shiny fabric and accessories makes your stylisations perfect.
Yellow colour is the key of trends in this season. Choose clothes with locks and openworks which looks like a classic style in modern female version.
Here are some of my propositions :

1.Luxury chic

2. Flirty look

3. Active elegance


Streetstyle like a freestyle ;-)
Streetstyle is just a style in which you express yourself .
In my opinion easier is better.
Just wear casual, comfortable clothes and add one thing which will make your stylisation phenomenally. For example wear jeans, white T-shirt and add shoes or a handbag in neon colour.


1. Comfortable street glam

2. Smart and easy

3. Neon orange

4. Perfect dots